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Boundary Map & FAQs

The intent of PIL Youth Sports is to grow community based programs that feed into the neighborhood high school. Although, ran by the PIL Athletic Office, they are cared for and fostered by the high school coaches in each cluster.  As such, participation is restricted to the home address each student resides at. To locate the youth cluster you reside in, please click here for Portland Public Schools Interactive Boundary Map.

- Type your address in the box located in the upper left corner of the map.  The name of the high school listed is the youth sports cluster the student is allowed to participate in.

- Any address listing 'Jefferson / Roosevelt', 'Jefferson / Madison' or 'Jefferson / Grant' are in fact Jefferson youth sports addresses.  Jefferson is the cluster these athletes will participate in.  Although these addresses will be given a choice of high school when entering 9th grade, they are in fact Jefferson cluster addresses and will be required to participate there through 8th grade.   


What if a child attends a PPS school that is physically in a different cluster than that of the child's residence?

Youth sports participation is based on residence, not on the location of the school.  The HOME address determines cluster participation.  

What if I intend on applying for enrollment at Benson?

Benson is not a neighborhood school and does not have a physical boundary.  Until entering Benson as a 9th grader, students are to participate with youth sports cluster determined by their home address.

Are students attending private schools allowed to participate in PIL Youth sports?

Yes.  They are allowed to participate in the youth sports cluster as determined by the home address (not the address of the school). Private school students will be required to produce proof of enrollment that displays their current home address.

The interactive map shows my address as feeding to Jefferson / Grant.  Do I have a choice which cluster my child participates with?

No.  Your child will have a choice as to which high school to attend upon entering the ninth grade.  Nevertheless, you reside in the Jefferson boundary and must participate with the Jefferson cluster.  This is true for dual enrollment areas in Jefferson / Roosevelt and Jefferson / Madison as well.

If my child has been accepted into an immersion program that grants enrollment through high school, is participation allowed in that youth sports cluster even if I reside in another cluster?

Yes. If the program provides enrollment through high school, the child is allowed to participate with that cluster even if the residence is in another. 

Are home school students allowed to participate?

Yes. Home school students are allowed to participate in the cluster determined by their home address.

Are waivers granted for students who reside outside of the cluster's boundary but want to participate with a specific cluster?

No. For any sport that is a "cut" sport, no waivers will be granted. For any sport that is a non-cut sport, consideration will be evaluated.  

*Students participating that do not attend a Portland Public School will be required to present proof of school enrollment that displays their home address.